Alabama is known for its outstanding universities. Our schools produce some of the top talent in the nation. SWEEPLE offers these brilliant students (the future leaders of Alabama) an option to make better income while working less hours. Sweeples clean condos, houses and offices on their own schedule for great pay. This allows them to free up their time for studies, family and other activities.

Breaking down the trust barrier.

  • Sweeples are local, background-checked university students

  • Licensed and insured

  • Educated and experienced in cleaning

  • Nonsmokers

  • Rated based on their performance

  • Sweeples must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.8 or greater.

  • We introduce you to your Sweeple through a bio sheet. You’ll know their school, major, greek affiliation and more before they ever come to clean your home.


Adam and Nancy Bassett

Providing opportunities for our student community to earn better pay
while working less hours is important. We’re excited to partner with local
individuals and businesses who want to help support our hard working students!